Focus & Scope

Focus and Scope

Jurnal Belantara is a research and editorial journal for Academics, Practitioners, and Bureaucracy in encouraging the management of natural resources that are just and sustainable. Jurnal Belantara is an electronic journal that is regularly published twice a year (March and August) by the Forestry Study Program at the University of Mataram.

Focus of this journal is directed at the fields of forestry and environment including:

  1. Forest Management
  2. Silviculture
  3. The technology of Forest Products 
  4. conservation of Natural resource 
  5. Ecology
  6. Forestry Policy and Politics 
  7. Ecotourism
  8. GIS and Mapping
  9. Social Forestry
  10. Management of watersheds
  11. Environmental services
  12. Environmental impact
  13. Environmental Planning and Management
  14. Climate change